Guitarist, singer, songwriter, noisemaker extraordinaire; Andy Powder has led a number
of bands that couldn’t keep up with the sensational artistry he provides. One band quit
immediately following a recording session with the infamous Steve Albini. Another was
cursed from the beginning, and opted out of playing even after their Grimtale Records
album sold out in one day. And yet another band, Powder Hounds, was ripped at the seams
after their musical madness and creativity left one member hospitalized from a mental
breakdown. But through it all Becca has stood strong for Powder, riding out the highs
and lows of his career and adapting to his manic nature. The two have now begun playing
as together. . . .

Becca enables Powder to express himself in his true form, a musical deviant prepared to
make your ears bleed with feedback and in your face guitar solos. She handles percussion
while Powder writes the music, and layers guitar chaos and noise in such a beautiful
array you too may find yourself questioning your sanity. Powder is a sensation when it
comes to stage presence, even cutting his own ear in half during a set with a former
band. As he rolls around on stage his guitar becomes an extension of his own being,
each layer of sound greater than the next. With every droning drum beat the duo reels
you in, they put on a show you won’t soon forget. If you find yourself in the area of
an Andy Powder show you would be a fool not to check them out. You won’t leave in the
same state of mind you came in, and if you’re lucky; you won’t leave with the same pants
you came in either.

Written by Ryan Molnar